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The Photographer

Shon Christine Photography
Why did I become a photographer?
It is because that life presents everyone with moments of time that, once it passes, it is gone forever. By viewing life through a camera lens, I am able to freeze time and capture that moment so that the memory can be experienced and enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

I have been a professional photographer since 2006, providing my services in multiple states, and even internationally. By leveraging my experiences and my artistic eye, I work on making each photograph its own, individual piece of art.

Photography Equipment

  • doneCanon EOS 7D
  • doneCanon SL-1 (backup/secondary)
  • doneCanon 430EX II Speed Lights
  • doneCanon and Tamaron Lenses (28mm to 250mm)
  • doneColored Lights and Colored Filters
  • doneLight Diffusers and Concentrators

Mobile Studio

  • doneMultiple Backdrops with support
  • doneHot Lights (up to six)
  • doneStrobe Lighting (with 430EX II)
  • doneReflector Umbrellas
  • doneSoft Umbrellas
  • doneSoft Box Light
  • donePhoto box (for shooting products)
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